Important Update from the All Nations Hospital (ANH) Steering Committee

Media Release

We are excited to announce that the All Nations Hospital Project now has a website where you will find a wealth of information including upcoming public events, media releases, presentations, and more. Please visit us at: A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document is currently being drafted and will be live soon to help answer the key questions that you, the public, continue to bring forward.

We encourage you to join the discussion and attend one (or all) of the public forums that are happening now. Your voice is needed in the early planning stages as a revitalized health system and facility comes to life.

We have an online survey that is still open. Please complete your submission today: If you do not have online access, please contact one of the Community Project Planners (CPPs). Deadline for submissions will be April 30, 2020.

If you would like to schedule a session with your community or interest group please contact one of the Community Project Planners (CPPs):

Charlene Kissick
Community Project Planner
P: (807) 464-1941

Kathy Kishiqueb
Community Project Planner
P: (807) 276-8956

Be assured that your feedback is being heard. All information from sessions, forums and surveys is being compiled. In the coming months we will be communicating back to you about the general themes identified throughout the consultations.

It is important to note that alongside community consultations are staff consultations. On February 18 – 20th, Clinical Planning Teams were well represented by the Lake of the Woods District Hospital (LWDH), Kenora Chiefs Advisory (KCA), professional staff, and patient and family advisors to look at the current state of services. Future dates have been scheduled to look at the future of clinical services for the new hospital.

The community consultation for clinical services will be ongoing until the end of April. The next phase will commence in May and proceed until the end of July 2020 where the focus will shift to site selection. Your input and feedback will also be key at this stage of the project. We encourage you to stay informed and engaged throughout all phases of the project.

For further information please contact:
Wendy Peterson
Chair, ANH Steering Committee

Chief Marilyn Sinclair
Vice Chair, ANH Steering Committee

Media Release ANH Project Steering Committee March 5 2020