Road Conditions and Localized Flooding

Road Conditions October 11, 2019

Please be advised that due to heavy rainfall resulting in localized flooding, City Roads crew are working to address problem areas on City roads.

The City is aware of and monitoring the excess water on the following locations:
• Essex Road at Hooterville Trail
• East Melick Road just north of Essex Road
• Coker Road near Kelly Road
• East Melick Road at Bell’s Point Road
• Hilly Lake Road
• Matheson Bay Road

Motorists should be vigilant and drive according to the conditions. Although signage may not be posted in some locations, flooding can still occur.

Motorists should be aware that there are many roads effected throughout the City, and hazard signs may not be posted. Drive with caution at all times as the City will not be able to sign all the impacted roads.

To report hazardous road conditions, please call 807-467-2247 and leave a detailed message. City staff are working hard to address and prioritize effected roads as quickly as possible.

The City thanks motorists for their patience while the Roads crew assess and prioritize areas of concern.