Downtown Construction Chipman Street up to Second Street

Construction works are progressing well in the next phase of our Downtown Revitalization project.

The contractors are now at a point where an additional road closure will take place. Chipman Street will be closed effective July 10, 2019 from 1st Street South to 2nd Street South. This closure impacts the City transit main depot which will be relocated to Matheson Street South directly in front of the Market Square plaza (Chip Truck area). The parking meter located directly in front will be covered and this will become the City Transit stop for Market Square, temporarily during this closure.

We have covered several meters on Matheson Street to accommodate the traffic flow, and appreciate the public respecting the signage and adhere to those no parking areas which will improve traffic flow in the area. The City has received numerous messages through social media and otherwise suggesting the traffic signals be changed to improve traffic flow. City engineers did review this option prior to the works starting, however, changing the traffic signals is not a straightforward undertaking as changing one set of signals affects pedestrian crossing cycles, and timing of other intersections as Second St and Main St are the primary streets to ensure traffic flow is optimized. Additional wiring would be required to change the signal configuration at the Matheson and Second St S intersection, and the traffic signals are not programmed locally making this option not feasible for the short term traffic challenges.

We thank the public for their continued patience during our construction period. The end result of this project will be a beautiful enhancement to our downtown and the challenges we are facing with traffic flow will be well worth these short term challenges.

Heather Pihulak, City Clerk/Communications Lead (807) 467-2295