KRC Pool Summer 2019 Closure

Please be advised that the City of Kenora will be closing the pool on June 29, 2019 for the month of July.  This closure is in addition to the regularly scheduled closure for the month of August.  The pool will reopen on September 3, 2019

The City of Kenora’s decision to close the pool for an additional month has not come easily. The 2019 budget season was one of the most challenging that the City has seen since the mid-2000’s. Senior staff met on a number of occasions to look at the budget to determine if any changes could be made to lower the tax impact to our residents without impacting City service levels. The result was a draft budget that was delivered to Council that still reflected a significant tax levy increase. Council was also provided with service level options for their review and consideration to help minimize the impact to City taxpayers, either through increased revenues or service level reductions. Council closely reviewed these options very carefully and had to make some difficult decisions. One of these decisions was to close the pool for an additional month. In doing so, consideration was given to any potential impacts on service levels to the users of our recreation facilities.

To minimize the impact of services, a number of programs are scheduled for local beaches. The programs scheduled are as follows:

Summer Programs

If there are any questions regarding this decision of council please contact:

Josh Nelson – Tourism & Recreation Services Division Lead at or 467-2986