HotSpot Parking Launches in Kenora

Pay-by-phone parking has come to Kenora. Local residents are now able to benefit from HotSpot Parking’s mobile-based pay-by-phone parking solution.

HotSpot Parking, a Canadian company, officially launched its product in Kenora today. Today’s announcement marks a continuation of the company’s Ontario expansion.

“At HotSpot, we’ve mastered providing commuters in mid-sized cities with convenient, affordable parking solutions from their smartphone,” said Phillip Curley, HotSpot CEO. “We’re very excited about bringing our affordable, high-quality service to the people of Kenora. Our goal is to make an often-confusing parking world a little more navigable – and more affordable!”

Through its pay-for-membership model, HotSpot’s mobile app offers users convenient parking solutions including:

• Remote parking top-ups so users no longer have to run back to the meter;
• Access to all metered parking in Kenora; and
• Consistent service throughout the City.

One of HotSpot’s most popular features is its easy refund for unused parking hours. That means if parkers don’t use all of the time allotted to them, they can be credited for that time and apply it to future parking solutions, making HotSpot a major money-saver.

“We are thrilled to partner with HotSpot to bring their pay-by-phone parking app to Kenora. We encourage residents and visitors to download the app to experience the convenience and benefits of this innovative service,” said Heather Lajeunesse, Enforcement Division Lead for the City of Kenora. “Most of us do everything from our phone, and now parking customers will be able pay electronically and monitor their parking time without returning to their vehicles. While coins are still accepted for parking throughout the City, this option will reduce the number of coins people have to carry around as well as the amount of work it takes to gather and roll coin.”

Curley says HotSpot hopes to bring more innovative products to Kenora residents in the months to come.