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Looking at the Water and Sewer Fixed Service Fee

The City of Kenora is making a change to how the fixed service fee for water and sewer is charged to all users.  The fixed service fee is charged by the number of water meters in a building.   How can this be done in a fair way for all?  We want to hear from you – our customers!   Take a look at the comparison information below and fill out the survey:

Fixed Water Rate Comparison Brochure (4) page 1

What are the fixed service fees used for?

  • The fixed service fees are based on the cost of providing water and sewer services.
  • The fixed water fee applies to the cost of running the water treatment plant, the piping and related infrastructure to bring the water to you and maintenance of that infrastructure.
  • The fixed sewer fee is the cost of the piping and related infrastructure to remove used water and the operation of the wastewater treatment plant.
  • The operation of each plant is different, but the systems and infrastructure for each are the same. The fixed service fees for both water and sewer services have been split equally.

What does "User Pay" mean?

Fees are paid by all dwellings, commercial buildings, condos, apartment blocks, and institutional buildings for the supply and use of the municipal water and sewer system.

All fees collected from the user pay system are used only to run and maintain the municipal water and sewer system and not used for any other municipal services.

There are two fees of the user pay system

1.Fixed Service Fee


$44.48 for water services
$44.48 for sewer services

2. Consumption Fee

$3.02 per cubic metre for the amount of water and sewer used

$1.51 for water
$1.51 for sewer

**based on 2019 fees