Letter from Service Line Warranties Canada is Not a Scam

Residents of Kenora are receiving letters from Service Line Warranties of Canada offering optional water and sewer service line insurance.  This program is in partnership with the City of Kenora and is NOT a scam. Questions about the program details should be directed to SLWC at www.slwofc.ca or call 1-866-922-9004.

This may answer some questions around the letter mailed out and optional program offered:

Why Did the City of Kenora Endorse This Program?
Many residents are not aware that buried water or sewer lines on their property are their responsibility. A broken or blocked water or sewer line can cost hundreds to repair or thousands if a replacement is necessary and many times residents are not prepared for this unexpected expense. Service Line Warranties of Canada (SLWC) not only works to educate residents but also provides a solution.

Why Did the City of Kenora Partner With A 3rd Party?
SLWC has been recognized as the trusted administrator of utility line plans endorsed by Local Authority Services (LAS). Service Line Warranties of Canada (SLWC) is an insurance company that works with the Local Authority Services (LAS), which was created by the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO).  They have been providing service line protection to residents across Canada since before 1996.  Many Cities today are using public/private partnerships and they have been successful in providing cost-effective services to citizens. Partnering with SLWC allows the City to have oversight of the program and ensure benefits for its residents.

Why is SLWC Using the City Logo?
SLWC’s partnership agreement with the City allows the company to use the logos in communications to indicate that there is a formal relationship in place and to let residents know that the offering is legitimate. All of the mailings SLWC sends to residents are first reviewed and approved by the City. All SLWC materials clearly state that the services the company offers are voluntary and that they are offered by SLWC, a private company that is separate from the City.

Can’t This Company Just Market On Their Own?
Unfortunately, the participation from customers is much lower without the trust instilled by the City’s brand. The City brand also conveys that the City is involved, overseeing the program, and choosing who will serve their residents best.

Do Residents Really Need This Coverage?
It is difficult to determine when a pipe may fail, with key contributors being the type of piping material, age of the service pipe, soil conditions and installation quality. Water line repairs can be costly–a replacement averages $2,500 nationally* – but the modest cost of an SLWC service plan is optional and up to the homeowner to decide based on their personal circumstances.
*Estimate based on national average repair costs within the SLWC network as of March 2018.

Do Residents Have to Enrol?
Residents are under no obligation to register for the program. It is optional, not mandatory.

What is the Cost to the City of Kenora for This Program?
There is NO cost to the City of Kenora. In fact, there is opportunity for the City of Kenora to earn 5% revenue on the number of residents who sign up for the warranty. The only costs borne by the City of Kenora was staff time to assist in preparing the mail out.

Did the City of Kenora Consider the Risks Involved?
Risk is considered with all decisions by the City of Kenora. The risk is minor for the City to partner with SLWC and endorse the warranty program for residents. The risk is mitigated by the full endorsement of LAS, and the City of Hamilton having just completed a three (3) year partnership, with a 97% homeowner satisfaction rate.

When Did the City Make the Decision to Engage with SLWC for This Program?
A report to Council was brought forward to the April 10, 2018 Committee of the Whole meeting and was approved by Council on April 17, 2018. The Agreement was signed for a three year term of marketing the program to Kenora residents.

What If I Have Questions or Concerns?
For more information, please contact Service Line Warranties Canada Customer Service directly at www.slwofc.ca or call 1-866-922-9004. The City of Kenora staff cannot answer questions about the details of the program.

Service Line Protection Available for City of Kenora Homeowners

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