City and Central Community Club Volunteers Announce Plans for New Central Community Club

Central Community Club Volunteers, in partnership with the City of Kenora, have solidified the drawings for the new Central Community Club building.

In the summer of 2018 the former Community Club building was demolished as it was beyond repair and in need of replacement. Community volunteers along with generous local contracting businesses demolished and removed the building and prepared the site for the new build.

The Community Club volunteers have worked hard to develop designs for a new building that is functional and will meet the needs of the community. As this initiative is community driven, volunteers have moved the process along as quickly as possible, however, it was not possible to have the preparation work done which includes soil compaction testing in the remainder of the building season once the building was demolished.

Volunteers are in the final stages of preparing for the new build and will be seeking community support for additional funding to complete the build. While the City has committed $100,000 to the new building, and some of our generous community clubs have also funded the project, additional funds will be required for the building to become a reality.

This project is evidence of the passion our residents have for our community and the generosity of the businesses and volunteers. These partnerships continue to move our community forward and make Kenora a great place to live. The City thanks our hard working volunteers who have given so much of their time to this project and look forward to the new build in the spring of 2019!

Tim Gosnell, Central Community Club Volunteer (807) 464-2006
Jeff VanWalleghem, Central Community Club Volunteer (807) 464-0375
Heather Pihulak, City Clerk/Communications Lead (807) 467-2295