Accessory Structures

DID YOU KNOW?  Accessory structures include buildings less than 10 square metres, temporary shelters (i.e. vinyl shelters), garages, greenhouses, pump houses and sheds).  They are permitted in all zones, subject to certain provisions.

Not sure if you are compliant with the Zoning By-law?  Use the Guide below:

Good to Go:

  • Your structure exists to aid and to contribute to the function of a principal use
  • Your structure is on the same lot as the principal use

Cannot Exceed:

  • 10% coverage of total lot area
  • 7.0 m in height

Cannot Be Located:

  • Closer to the front lot line or waterfront than the minimum distance required by this By-law for the main building on the lot
  • In the required front yard or the required exterior side yard in the case of a corner lot
  • Closer than 1m to any side or rear lot line
  • Within 2m of the main building or structure
  • Closer to the street than the main building is to that street, except in the case of:
    o Waterfront properties in the R1-Residential First Density Zone; R2-Residential Second Density Zone. The accessory structure shall be located at least 3m from the rear lot line.
    o A property in the RR-Rural Residential, BSL-Black Sturgeon Lake (Restricted Development Area)
    o A property in the RU-Rural Zone

If you have any questions or require more information, please contact one of the staff of the City of Kenora Planning Department:

Planning Analyst – Kylie Hissa 807-467-2292 or
City Planner – Devon McCloskey  807- 467-2059 or

Accessory Structures Handout