Notice of Decision for a Zoning By-law Amendment File D14-18-03

Notice of Decision for a Zoning By-law Amendment To Comprehensive Zoning By-Law No. 101-2015
Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.P.13, s. 34

Notice is hereby given, that the Council of the City of Kenora passed By-Law No. 60 – 2018 at their Regular Meeting held Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018, thereby giving approval to a Zoning By-law Amendment. Notice of the Application was given in reference to Planning File No. D14-18-03.

Location of Property: The property is located at 1731 Railway Street, described as PIN# 42176-0338, Part of Block B, Plan M-28, being Part of Location D-52. Please refer to the location sketch below.

D14-18-03 Location Map

Purpose and Effect: to change zoning of the subject property from Residential – Third Density Zone (R3) to R3[39], a site specific Third Density Zone, to grant relief from provisions of the Zoning By-law including the interior side yard provisions of 2.5 to 0 metres; exterior side yard from 4 metres to 0.35 metres; to increase lot coverage from 40% to 55%; to amend the definition of a “Street” as it pertains to the subject lot, to allow for frontage on a private road, as a site specific provision.

Other Planning Applications Relevant to the Subject Location: the City has also received an application for site plan approval, and an application for condominium is anticipated.

The Last Date for Filing a Notice of Appeal is Wednesday, June 13th, 2018.

Notices of appeal may only be made on the basis that:

i. the by-law is inconsistent with a policy statement issued under subsection 3 (1), fails to conform with or
conflicts with a provincial plan or fails to conform with an applicable official plan
ii. it is accompanied by the fee required by the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal Act being $300.00,
payable to the Ontario Minister of Finance.
iii. is filed with Heather Kasprick, City Clerk, City of Kenora, 1 Main Street South, Kenora, ON P9N 3X2

Only individuals, corporations and public bodies may appeal a by-law to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal. A notice of appeal may not be filed by an unincorporated association or group. However, a notice of appeal may be filed in the name of an individual who is a member of the association or the group on its behalf.

No person or public body shall be added as a party to the hearing of appeal unless, before the by-law was passed, the person or public body made oral submissions at a public meeting or written submissions to the council or, in the opinion of the Tribunal, there are reasonable grounds to add the person or public body as a party.

Additional Information relating to the zoning by-law amendment is available for inspection during regular office hours at the Operations Centre at 60 Fourteenth Street North, 2nd Floor. Please contact Devon McCloskey, City Planner, at 807-467-2059 or if you require more information.

Personal information that accompanies a submission will be collected under the authority of the Planning Act and may form part of the public record which may be released to the public.

Dated at the City of Kenora this 24th day of May, 2018