Controlled Burning Season April 1 – October 31

Please be advised the controlled burning season is now in effect. From April 1st until October 31st, no day burning is permitted in the City of Kenora. Evening burning only is allowed two (2) hours before sunset, and the fire must be extinguished two (2) hours after sunrise.

The following rules must be adhered to while burning:
• Burn only old grass, leaves, waste wood, small brush piles, and untreated lumber;
• Single burn pile must be 10 metres away from all flammable material;
• Burn pile must not exceed 2 metres around and be less than 2 metres high;
• The fire must be supervised at all times;
• An appropriate means to extinguish the fire must be present, such as a source of water or fire extinguisher.

An open air burning permit is required for all burning in the City of Kenora and may be purchased at Fire Station One or City Hall. The burning permit is valid until December 31, at the cost of $15. Rules and contraventions included with the permit must be reviewed by the person in charge and control of the fire before starting.

For more information, contact Fire and Emergency Services at 807-467-2090.