Public Notification of Seventh Avenue South Bridge Works

Public Notification of Seventh Avenue South Bridge Works

December 7, 2017                                                                      File No. 16-0259-003

TO: Local Residents

RE: Replacement of the Seventh Avenue South Bridge Public Notification for Schedule A+ Project

The City of Kenora is proceeding with Replacement of the Seventh Avenue South Bridge, with the construction work anticipated to occur between March and September, 2018. The existing bridge structure is in very poor  condition and subject to a loading restriction, and the intention of the project is to provide a new bridge structure at the existing location which will restore the level of service previously provided by this crossing. The scope of the replacement work will include removal of the existing bridge structure, reconstruction of portions of the existing retaining wall that are in poor condition, and construction of a new two lane vehicular bridge with sidewalks on both sides. Copies of the project drawings will be available for viewing at the City of Kenora Engineering Offices, located at 60-14th Street North.

Temporary road closures will be required to facilitate the construction work, along with temporary restrictions on boat traffic on Laurenson’s Creek at the crossing location. Details of the required closures will be made available to the public by the City of Kenora and the Contractor during construction through use of signage, radio and newspaper advertisements, and the City website ( as appropriate.

The City of Kenora has retained KGS Group as the engineering Consultant on this project. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the upcoming work, please feel free to contact KGS Group’s Project Manager, Mrs. Cindy Cousin, by phone at 204-896-1209 or by email at