City Introduces Recycle Coach™ App

A Guide to Recycling and Waste Collection

The City of Kenora is pleased to introduce the Recycle Coach™ app and website plug-in to assist our residents with recycling and waste collection. This is being announced in celebration of Waste Reduction Week in Canada.

Developed by Recycle Coach™, the free app provides residents with a full range of information normally found on the City’s website. Once residents have downloaded the free Recycle Coach™ app, it will give full access to special recycling features, including a search function called “What Goes Where” that lets residents quickly find out what to do with regular and out-of-the-ordinary items. Plus there are many other tips on recycling and reducing waste. Reminders can be set for regular recycling and waste collection, and alerts are built in for House Hazardous Waste days, Christmas tree recycling, and more.

“This is a new way for the City to connect with residents about our resource recovery and waste diversion programs. We hope this tool will encourage residents to recycle more often and answer questions they may have about recycling and waste diversion,” says Mukesh Pokharel, Environmental Division Lead.

The recycling and waste diversion programs in place now are very successful. Between January and October this year, the City has diverted 1,100 tons of recycling materials (cardboard, paper, comingle), 57 tons of electronics, and almost 45 tons of hazardous waste from the landfill. The newly established hazardous waste depot at the Transfer Station ran very smoothly throughout the summer, which closed for the season at the end of September and will reopen in early June next year.

City of Kenora is adding the Recycle Coach™ app and website plug-in to its communication outreach activities. We will continue to have information on, and distribute printed materials for residents who prefer traditional promotional and educational materials.

Kerri Holder, Communications Clerk 807-467-2191