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  • This is the GRAND PRIZE won by Nicole Harris-Delorme just for signing up for e-billing!!! Remember way back to March...we launched this contest to encourage residents to sign up for e-billing for water/sewer and hydro accounts. 
Thank you to everyone who signed up.  We had almost 700 people sign up!
The GRAND PRIZE winner was selected by using a random number selector, based on the assigned number on the online account spreadsheet. 
The winning number was 165, who turned out to be .....
Nicole Harris-Delorme!!!!
Congratulations Nicole! You won $250 of City of Kenora merchandise and a historical tour of City Hall. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ #cityofkenora #kenoramerchandise
  • This morning you thinking, when will the City plow my street.....πŸ€”
So when the snowfall stops, (the Weather Networks says around 9 a.m.) we will start plowing with Priority 1 streets and highways first. ❄️
Check out the map to see where your street is on the list - Kenora.ca in Winter Maintenance. ❄️
Priority 1 – roads to be cleared first within the first 36 hours after a snowfall event.  These roads or streets have the highest traffic flow and access business areas and the hospital, as well as the main routes for emergency vehicles and buses.
Priority 2 - roads to be cleared second within the first 36 hours after a snowfall event, which are main routes through residential areas.
Priority 3 - roads to be cleared within the first 72 hours after a snowfall event, which are secondary roads and other residential areas. ❄️ #cityofkenora #snowfall #wintermaintenance
  • #Repost @yourkenorachamber
Tonight we join together to recognize, celebrate, and honour Dave Canfield. Farewell, Dave! Thank you for all you’ve done!
  • Thank you to the roads department for plowing the Discovery Centre parking lot! Don't forget tonight 6-8pm there is a Recognition Celebration to Honour Mayor Dave Canfield! @tourismkenora #repost #kenora #mayor #freshsnow #comeandgo
  • At the end of the 2018 summer season when Coney Island residents were closing up their cottages, the City of Kenora began a project to replace the Coney Island Beach Park boardwalk. As of last month, this project was completed !!! Thank you to Dorsey Contracting Inc., Hristov Architet Inc. (design), and Cornerstone Timberframes (woods) for maintaining the historic structural features.  The new boardwalk looks renewed, durable, and solid!
Families have gathered and relaxed under the covered boardwalk since the 1920s, maybe even earlier (see the last photo). This unique feature is treasured by many generations of Coney Island and Kenora residents who spend their summer at the Coney Island Beach Park, relaxing under the cover from the weather and beach activities.  Now a brand new covered boardwalk awaits the return of summer and Coney Island residents! πŸ’²
The cost of this project was included in the City of Kenora 2018 capital budget; $115,000 funded by taxpayer dollars. 
Images provide by @helenadevins, #CityofKenora Park & Facilities, and the Coney Island Boardwalk 1921 photo provided by Sheila Norrie in her deputation package for Council (October 2016) advocating for replacement and maintenance of this infrastructure.
  • Christmas spirit shines more brightly in the winter sun.  #cityofkenora #nativityscene #icecandles #christmasinkenora  #wintersun
  • We had an extensive number of applicants who were interested in serving on a committee or board. We are grateful for the passion of our citizens and appreciate the awesome response.
At the Inaugural Meeting on Saturday, Mayor and Council appointed new members to each of the committees and boards. Many are anxious to find out if they have been appointed. Just know, we are working to notify all candidates either way. You will hear from us very soon! 
Thank you to all who expressed interest in serving our community. #cityofkenora #community #getinvolved
  • Preparing for the Inaugural Meeting of the 2018-2022 City of Kenora Council. Join us December 1st at noon for the ceremony. #cityofkenora #inauguralmeeting #newterm
The Operations and Infrastructure Department of the City of Kenora would like to take this opportunity to extend their appreciation to all those involved in this year’s City of Kenora Municipal Christmas tree on Main Street.  A special thank you is extended to the following for their generous donations: 
MARION and FRED WRIGHT, of Kenora, for the tree; 
to CJ Edwards & Son Ltd for their time and equipment utilized to re-locate the tree to Main Street; 
to Kenora Hydro for set up preparations as well as the stringing of the lights; 
the O.P.P. for escorting the tree to Main Street; and 
to Harbourtown BIZ for supplying the lights and arranging the Tree Lighting Ceremony. #cityofkenora #Christmasinkenora #Christmastraditions

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